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In-depth, informed beauty reviews and advice from a professional makeup artist & lover of all things natural and organic

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First of all, thank you so much for having a look around and hopefully subscribing!

As a makeup artist and someone who probably owns a few too many products (ahem), I read a lot of blogs and sites about makeup and skincare (and there are so many fantastic ones to choose from). My hope with this blog is to bring together a few things that I often read about in separate blogs and websites and try to put them all under one roof so to speak.

Overall this is a makeup blog (although sometimes I may digress into skincare). With clients I use all types of products from high-end luxury to high street brands, and a mixture of synthetic, natural & organic. If I can find an organic/natural alternative that performs, then I would always prefer to use that instead. Unfortunately though, it is still a developing industry (massive improvements in the last 5 years though) and although I haven't yet managed to find organic alternatives to every makeup product I use, I'm always looking.

So in this blog I hope to share the following;

  • Tips and tricks of the trade I've learned as a makeup artist.

  • Natural & Organic makeup finds that can really rival their synthetic counterparts.

  • In depth product reviews of both synthetic & organic/natural products that cover everything I would want to know before trying / buying a product.

Below is a list of criteria I'd generally look at before buying a product and these are the questions I hope to be able to answer for you when reviewing products;

1) Of that type of product, what are the best brands from a professional perspective?

2) The best way to apply said products.

3) What is the product like to use (consistency / longevity etc) and what skin type is it best suited for?

4) What is the basic info I need to know about it (price, where to buy, shades, coverage)? A lot of blogs go on and on about packaging but really I could care less as long as it works, looks good and in an ideal world, is environmentally friendly, so I'll only mention packaging briefly.

5) What are the ingredients? What is the research like on those ingredients? That's research in terms of performance but also research in terms of safety & toxicity.

6) What is the company's ethos behind the product and are they, if at all, environmentally friendly and do they test on animals?

7) What are similar alternatives if the product is expensive?

8) What are the natural & organic alternatives if it is a synthetic product?

My hope is that even if just one thing I share, is useful to one person (besides myself), then I'll be glad I've shared it.

Little Disclaimer before I go: Everything I share here is wholly my opinion and I'm not affiliated with any brands or websites so the opinions are completely my own. I am only one person with a limited number of hours & resources so my lists are not exhaustive and I LOVE getting product recommendations or links to sites and blogs, so don't be shy.

And lastly, I am a working Makeup Artist so if you're nearby and have a wedding or an event, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Shelley xx

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